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My main website, NotebookWitch.com, has been around for almost two years now. I am not blogging on a weekly basis, as I had hoped and intended to do. There's a lot going on for me, as ever. But the social media accounts associated with the blog are relatively active. 

Notebook Witch Social Media Accounts

Most Active Social Media Accounts from Bridget Eileen Madden for Notebook Witch

You can find my mostly weekly posts on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, though on IG I'm at "TheNotebookWitch." I also use "TheNotebookWitch" on Pinterest for my personal account and "NotebookWitch" is my as-of-now dormant business account. I hope to have my business Pinterest account up and running sooner rather than later. I like that platform a lot. 

Social Media Engagement and Video as a Reigning Medium

I'm going to sound like a grumpy old Xennial, but I really miss ye olden dayes of Instagram when it was a platform for static pictures, and didn't try to compete with TikTok for short video format social media. 

Pinterest is starting to include videos, too, but I do my best to ignore them because I don't want the algorithm to feed me vids. (If I wanted vids, I'd be on TikTok and Instagram!)

I'm not as into videos both as a social media consumer and composer. Video takes FOREVER to create and edit well. I don't have the time for that. 

I also prefer to consume photos over video. You can take a good look at details that way, for one thing. But also, I'm often watching TV or listening to an audiobook or podcast while I dally on my phone. Having videos competing for my audio attention doesn't work for me, so I stubbornly stick to posting mostly static photos and viewing carousels or single pic posts on Insta, engagement and algorithm be darned.

I'm not really on those platforms to gather a huge audience anyway. It's more to microblog for the sake of my own documentation and connecting with the smaller "boutique" audience who somehow end up seeing my posts, despite the algorithm not liking my middle-aged static pic posts. 

NotebookWitch vs TheNotebookWitch

Anyway, the reason my handle is slightly different on Instagram is that something happened with the plain old "NotebookWitch" early into me creating it, and they shut down that account, for no good reason that I could discern. That's why I have to have a slightly different handle there.

Other Social Media Platforms

As we know, Twitter stinks these days, so I'm not active much there and my account is private, but go ahead and send a request if you want to connect there. I also have accounts across much social media, though I'm not active on those platforms, such as Snapchat, Discord, TikTok, Patreon, Reddit, Blue Sky and as-yet dormant business account on Pinterest. Probably some others I can't remember as well. Ha.