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Notes on Modern Witchcraft and Witchery

Notebook Witch is the main blog of Bridget Eileen, author of this blog, An Arts Notebook. An Arts Notebook was started in 2006 and covers a very wide range of topics in the broad suject of arts and culture. 

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It's mid-November 2022 as I write this post. A little over a year ago, I woke up and decided that day would be the day to execute the idea that had been stirring in my head for a while: to start a blog that was solely focused on witchcraft, witchery, and modern paganism. 

The Inspiration for My New Blog, Notebook Witch

More and more of my posts here at An Arts Notebook were focused on that topic. And even though I had a slew of post ideas lined up to talk about all kinds of broad arts and culture related topics, whenever I had the personal time to write a blog post, I would inevitably use that time to write another post about my spiritual practice. 

One morning close to the Samhain sabbat, aka Halloween, I woke up and decided to just go for it. I bought the domain, started the social media accounts and voila: was born!

The ensuing year has been so incredibly busy between work, family obligations, and the 2022 hybrid remote/in-person Boston Poetry Marathon, that I have not had as much time to post to the new blog as I had hoped. (It was my goal to get to a post a week by this time.) However, considering allllllll that I have been up to, I am still proud of what I have been able to accomplish of the past 12 and a half months. 

Notebook Witch on Social Media

While posts to the website are not as regular as I was planning to have, I post to the Notebook Witch social media accounts on a more regular basis. You can follow those accounts for weekly content (often more frequently than that).