Samhain Announcement: New Blog! "Notebook Witch: All Things Witchery"


An Exciting Halloween & Samhain Announcement...

I'm listening to the Patriots game and monitoring the street traffic for the signs of Trick or Treaters. It is Fall in New England, for sure. And this year, I have a new exciting endeavor to look forward to, which I have blogged about a few times earlier this week and will talk about more in a moment. But first, I want to let you know you can use this Samhain sabbat graphic for wherever you want to observe the holiday online! I usually use it as my Facebook banner, and I make a Twitter and Instagram post from it. 

Samhain Resolution - New Blog from Bridget Eileen: Notebook Witch

Throughout the coming months I'll be building a new blog, It will be a collection of notes on witchcraft and witchery

For now, while I work on the site itself, the URL will take you to a dedicated page at my homepage, In the meantime, you can read related posts on witchcraft, neopaganism, and other earth-based spiritual practices under the "Notebook Witch" tag on

More about Notebook Witch

A bunch of circumstances came up that have happily brought me to this "Eureka" moment of creating a new blog solely dedicated to witchcraft and witchery. 

While I love having An Arts Notebook, it presents me with the issue of being far too broad. In all my research on successful blogging, I repeatedly hear that a focused topic and theme for a blog leads to more views and engagement. Though it's fun to blog for blogging's sake, I do want engagement, and I want my writing efforts to be meaningful to any viewers who might encounter my posts, just as it is meaningful to me as an author of the posts to put in the effort to create and share the work.  

Lately at An Arts Notebook, the topic I have been blogging the most about my spiritual practice. It's what I'm most motivated to write about. And in my offline life, it's what I spend a lot of time on, because it is most meaningful to me. 

So, I have come up with the really happy solution to the dilemma of creating a more-focused blog but starting Notebook Witch: All Things Witchery. Right now, I'm in "soft launch" mode. I've got the account, the URL, the plan, and the neopagan/witchcraft content from An Arts Notebook that I can transfer to the new site. Now I just have to execute the rest of the plans: launch a new website, gather mote followers, create a contact list, and start on a focused content plan. I'm excited about this new endeavor, more than I have been about any writing I've done in a while, whether for communications purposes for the orgs I work or volunteer for, or my blogging or creative writing. This new project has me the most jazzed up and ready to work.  

My New Social Media Handle @NotebookWitch

In the meantime, you can follow the new accounts at PinterestTumblrFacebook, and Twitter at @NotebookWitch, and on Instagram at @TheNotebookWitch (I'm working on getting plain old "NotebookWitch" back after I got inexplicably Zucced while developing my new account. Don't know why I got targeted while all those white supremacist accounts thrive, but whatever; I digress.)

Follow "Notebook Witch: All Things Witchery" on Social Media

Stay tuned for more witchcraft and witchery posts at An Arts Notebook while gets developed. And don't forget to follow me on social media!