Boston Poetry Marathon 2021


Boston Poetry Marathon 2021 

Online for One More Year, Aug 5, 6, & 7

The Boston Poetry Marathon is back for 2021, though we decided to stay online for one more year. (And given what's going on with this delta variant, it's good we did!) Watch live on the BPM Facebook page, Twitter via Periscope, or YouTube Channel:

2021 Graphic Design by Xtina Strong

Boston Poetry Marathon 2021 Details from Artistic Director Bridget Eileen 

Suzanne Mercury and I are the artistic directors together, and we are part of a 4-person organizing team, which also includes Christina Liu and Xtina Strong. I put my name in the subheading there because I'm trying to get references to "Bridget Eileen" in internet searches to refer to me. Hahahahaha. #Truth

  • Schedule - Almost 150 poets participating!
  • RSVP - Want to watch? RSVP at the Facebook Event page! And please share!
  • Watch - At Boston Poetry Marathon's Facebook page, Twitter, or YouTube
  • Donate - To our fundraiser for SISTA FIRE RI, The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, & Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center - BCNC

Quiet on the Blogging Front

I just realized that I've been quiet on the blog since Beltane! This is for a number of reasons, but to the fore are the organizations for which I serve in leadership positions. As Secretary and Communications Chair of the RI Democratic Women's Caucus, for one. And as Artistic Director and Organizer of the Boston Poetry Marathon, for another. 

So, if you want to know part of where all my online posting energy has gone, head over to the Boston Poetry Marathon website for info, updates, schedule, fundraiser details, press release and history of the event!

Another reason I've been quiet here, is that I spent a lot of time developing my new homepage:

I'll make a post dedicated specifically to that soon.

Yet another reason I have been quiet here is that I have new plans for this site and for the future of as an arts and culture blog. If you look around this site, you'll maybe get a sense of what I'm up to, but for now we're staying in soft-launch, back-end mode (and by we I mean me).

In the meantime, make sure to follow my on social media. I have posts as least once a week on both the arts and culture accounts "An Arts Notebook by Bridget Eileen" and the beauty blog "Glam Witch Style by Bridget Eileen."

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