It's Garden Planning Season!!!


March 1: Time to Plan the Garden!

Well, here we are at the start of March. Technically Spring is in three weeks, but all wise New Englanders know that's just a thing in places of the world where there aren't blizzards this time of year. 

Nevertheless, I am SO EXCITED for March and the start of garden-planning season. Especially this year because in addition to continuing my container garden, albeit in a new location, I can also plan for LOTS MORE garden space around my new house! 

I know I don't have to plan and plant everything all at once, so I'm going to try to keep that in mind as I shop around for raised bed and read through some helpful books. 

On the Gardening Reading List are:

Garden Plans 2021

I'll have lots more zones for growing things now!

  1. As I mentioned, I will still have a container garden. This will be on my front porch, and the containers are already out and ready to sprout once the Spring thaw comes.
  2. There's also a front garden space in the front yard, which has a few perennial plants in it, I plan to add a lot more.
  3. Along the side of the house, there's wide open room for raised beds, and I plan to have 3 fairly large ones set up for that purpose.
  4. There's a back yard which already has some plants growing at its perimeters. I will be doing a deliberate expansion of that.
  5. And then there's a lot of shaded space between the neighbor's fence and the garage. That is a very shaded area, so I am going to learn about what's best to grow in those types of side areas that are often neglected but have lots of potential. 
Five growing zones! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!

I hope to bring you updates on the blog and over my social media @AnArtsNotebook as the season goes on!