Bridget Day! Imbolc, St Bridget's Day, Day of the Goddess Brigid and the American Recovery Plan

Sabbat Celebration - Imbloc

Or, How Our Second Catholic President Is Listening Well to the Lessons of St Bridget of Kildaire

Happy Bridget Day! To the people who follow saints, goddesses, or cycles of the earth as part of their spiritual practice, today is St Bridget's Day, the Goddess Brigid's Day, and/or Imbolc (meaning, "in the milk," the typical time of year when lamb are born and taking milk from their mothers)--the halfway point between Winter and Spring. 

Now that 2020, and January 2021, is all behind us, let us look forward to the coming of better, brighter days (literally and figuratively). 

Blessings for the Poor, the Sick, the Human Race

This year, with our second-ever Catholic president now in office in the US, I can't help but look over the American Rescue Plan (ARP)--President Biden's 1.9 trillion dollar proposal to help clean up the unfathomable mess that the previous Oval Office Occupier made--and notice how much its major facets embody the Prayer of St Bridget of Kildaire:

God bless the poor 
God bless the sick 
God bless the human race

God bless our food 
God bless our drink
Our homes, O God, embrace

Whether it's stimulus checks; extended unemployment; expansion and coordination of PPE, treatment and vaccination efforts; making it so returning to school is safe for students preK to higher ed, and for faculty and staff; addressing hunger and food insecurity; foreclosure and eviction moratoria; returning our homes to being homes and not hybrid home/office/schools; and so many other needs of all of us, who are just so sick of life with this pandemic, the American Recovery Plan is legislation and policy that enacts the central tenets of this ancient prayer. 

And I'm so here for it!

Biden and Harris taking their oaths on inauguration day