Self-Diagnosed ADD, Or a Moment in the Life of Bridget Eileen

A Snippet of Time in the Life of a Person with Attention Difficulties

red computer mouse
My mouse stopped working. It has just kept giving out over and over. So I got up from doing work to get a new mouse from another computer in the living room. The dog was there looking cute with his toy nearby, and he loves playing fetch with me so we played fetch. Only it's not really fetch because he doesn't bring it back to me, he gets the toy brings it back in my general direction, then walks to the side of me to hoarde the toy away so that I will come up to him wrassle it away from him. Which I do. 

plaid house slippersAnd this is so cute, I decide I will make a video of it, so I get my phone. Where is my phone? It's in my bedroom. I go into my bedroom and forget what I was in there for because I'm distracted by my slippers (I just realized how cold my feet were) and the little tote bag I put together of things I wanted out of my bedroom and in my study. I put on my slippers and I grab the bag, then remember the phone.

I put the bag in the study (where I'm supposed to be working) then I smell coffee and my stomach rumbles because I haven't had anything to eat or drink yet. So I go make coffee. I'm out of oat milk because I paused my subscription on Amazon as I got ready to move, so I subsititute with coconut oil and pea protein powder, which I'm going to put in the magic blender thingy which I finally unpacked last night. I put in all the powder and get the new jug of honey open and put some of that in and a dash of regular milk and oh there's the ice latte with oat milk that I didn't finish yesterday and was going to have this morning. I'm in the mood for hot coffee so I'll just stir that iced one up and use a little in the hot cofee concotion I'm making. 

latte with fancy foam print
That's all set up and then I get it on the blender but this scares the doggo a little so we play some more fetch until he's happy and totally forgotten about the scary noise from a moment ago. And then I remember I was going to make a little video of us playing not-fetch, so I do. I am still hungry so I put together some yogurt, fruit, granola and honey. There's three containers of almost-eaten granola so I take a moment to put them all in one, then shake that up and pour some into my bowl. I wash and cut the strawberries. Finally I have my coffee, coffee mug, breakfast granola with yogurt and fruit and I return to my study. I sit down to work. Oh yeah, that mouse. I plug that in and marvel at how that one thing lead to all this. I write it all up for you to enjoy. I finally get back to work. 

close up of one eyed shih tsu with spiky blond fur
one cannot say no to such a cute face