Tis the Season to Set Up Your Daily Planner

several sizes and types of notebooks

Tales of a Planner Witch

With the New Year just around the corner, I'm seeing a lot of people sharing their plans for daily planners. I love that with all the digital tools out there, somehow bullet journaling has taken off. 

I am definitely a "Planner Witch." I like bullet journaling. I do it "traveler's notebook" style--though all my inserts are in a basket for now, since I work from home for the foreseeable future. 

On Bullet Journaling

I love the bespoke nature of bullet journaling; you can make it whatever you want. I also retain and process information better when I write it down, so I don't have much digital planning, except appointments in calendars.  

Pictured Above: All My Children

...just kidding; they're not my children, just my journaling "supplies." But as far as objects go, they're quite dear to me ☺️ They are not fancy or expensive but I love them just the same.

When I "traveled" (aka didn't work from home) most of these were inserts in traveler's notebooks: one for work, one for the rest of life.

Here's what they are and where I got them, from left to right:

  • Weekly spreads for work, Dollar Tree
  • Daily spreads for work, gift with purchase from Zest Tea
  • Pocket monthly calendar, Dollar Tree
  • Daily spread (Aqua) & weekly spread/monthly trackers (black) mini composition notebooks from Wal Mart, fancified with stickers from Pipsticks
  • Notes for a local political organization I do communications for and serve on executive committee of, notebook from Dollar Tree
  • Generic notes, notebook from Home Goods
  • Notebook for buying a new house, Dollar Tree
  • Gratitude & Laughter journal, CVS
  • Notebook for notes on the poetry festival I'm in charge of organizing each summer, notebook from an excellent local store Craftland
  • Mermaid composition notebook for regular journaling & creative writing, Dollar Tree
  • Planner for a Magic Year by Amy Cesari, which I use as a daily straight up diary (1-2 sentences about what happened that day) & a log of my try-to-do-daily spiritual practice