Blogging from the Mobile Site

 Is This Thing On? Experiments in Blogging Whenever and Wherever 

I try to blog once a week but I haven't been keeping up with that because I'm so busy. But I love coming here and setting aside some time to do medium-to-deep dive into whatever subject a blog post lets me get into. (As opposed to what happens on social media, which is quick-hit micro blogging.) 

So maybe the solution is to stop trying to have a "perfect" post with all the search engine optimization and captioned photos and hyperlinks to relevant related posts. And just pick up my phone and make a mobile post. 

Right now, I am super busy. In addition to phone banking for Biden/Harris, Maine's Sarah Gideon for US Senate (because I *hate* Susan F*cking Collins), and local Rhode Island candidates, I'm also continuing my work as an Executive Committee Member and Communications Chair for the RI Democratic Women's Caucus. 

Plus there's still a pandemic out there, which bears on our collective psyche. And I'm working from home until at least May 2021. I'm still not used to it. I have a hard time settling down and focusing. I may have undiagnosed ADD (or self-diagnosed, I guess). And I feel it's gotten worse without having a dedicated place to go, a place where there's other people buzzing away at work—I do better when there's body doubling. 

On top of all that, my roommate is moving out at the end of the month; my mother has come to stay indefinitely until she finds a multi-family unit to purchase here in Rhode Island; and then we are moving to a unit each of that future purchase. So many changes afoot!

Additionally, all these things, plus the daily tumult of the current chaos administration, make it very hard for me to sleep in any kind of normal way. I make a potion each night of CBD oil with valerian, Passion flower & ashwaganda and it gets me sleepy, eventually. But I often end up doing that later than I should each night because I'm in the middle of whatever during the blessed evening hours that belong only to me and whatever book I'm reading or show I'm binging and I don't want to end my "me" time just for boring sleep! 

But the biggest thing that's making it hard to blog is that I'm sick of sitting at my computer. I'm there all day for work-from-home. Then I'm there in the evening to do political volunteering. When it comes to the "me" time I referred to earlier, the last thing I want to do is sit at that same computer. 

So here is my first experiment into blogging from my phone. We'll see how it looks, feels and works. Onward!