Wear a Mask - The Gods Would Appreciate It

Witches Believe in Mask Wearing

White Evangelical So-Called Christians: Your Mean, Bossy and Stupid Imaginary Best Friend Is a Psychopath, Just Like You!

Dear Conservative So-Called Christians,

This "god" of yours, who wants you and everyone else to go around mask-less as a mark of faith in his existence, doesn't exist. It's just a really mean, bossy and stupid imaginary best friend in the clouds who you made up to justify your own penchant for being nasty, authoritarian-inclined, science-denying wackadoodles.

Not only do I not trust your so-called right wing authoritarian "God," I know "he" isn't even real!  Further I know that you made him up so that you could justify being an awful human under the guise of religious fervor. 

Stop being an anti-science creep and stop making up mean imaginary friends who want us to die if we don't believe in them!

It's memes like this that make me extra happy that I bought a couple of witch-themed masks. Extra double "so there" to these psychopaths who want us to deny science and drop dead of the plague, all for totally made up reasons.


Bridget Eileen, neopagan and proud witch

PS God, Baby Jesus, the Great Goddess, Yahweh, the Prophet Muhammad, the Buddha, the ghosts of Christopher Hitchens and Steven Hawking, the Goddess Mariamman and all the science-respecting people who are here on earth want you to wear your dang mask.You crazy Right Wing Authoritarians like to assert your god doesn't want you to wear a mask. But you're wrong. Even that God does.