TikTok French Pronunciation Videos - April 16 NaPoWriMo

Your Uncle Mows Your Tuna: Inspiration Can Come from Anywhere During NaPoWriMo

Have you seen these TikTok videos on French pronunciation? It highlights how many words sound the same. Like if you say, "your uncle mows your tuna" and you use the casual term for uncle, the sentence is, "Ton tonton tond ton thond."

BAH HAHAHAhahahaahahaha

Sometimes I just love the internet. 

So what does this have to do with NaPoWriMo? Well, I felt the only way these sentences could ever make any kind of sense is if they were in poems, so I wrote poems about them! These are the titles for poems 4/23-4/27:

  • Without a Hundred Smells of Blood (sans, etc)
  • Your Uncle Mows Your Tuna (ton, etc)
  • But Granny Even Liked My Dishes (mais, etc)
  • TinTin Had a Thyme Skin Tone (ton, etc)
  • Green Glass Toward Worm Verse (verte, etc)

Here is "Green Glass Towards Worm Verse" -- All the poems were silly and absurdist. This one was also concrete!

a concrete poem titled green glass towards worm verse