Poem I Dedicated to Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo Now Published at Frost Meadow Review - April 29 NaPoWriMo

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The Poem I Dedicated to Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo and Her Now-Famous Phrase "Knock It Off" Is Published on Frost Meadow Review

Earlier this month I blogged about a poem I wrote that went along with the assignment a friend's middle school daughter had. My poem used keywords from one of the daily press briefings my governor does, so I dedicated it to her, and titled after her now-famous saying, which chides stay-at-home scofflaws. 

I submitted it to Frost Meadow Review for their "Pandemic Poetry" series, and they published it for April 29. The poems are list by date, so you can scroll to find mine, or you can "Ctrl +F" my name, Bridget Eileen, to find it. All the poems are worth reading, so I hope you scroll and read them as you go!

Thanks so much to Frost Meadow Review for including me in your publication!