Instagram Poetry - April 20 NaPoWriMo Post

April 20 NaPoWriMo Post: How I Plan to Finish the Rest of My Nation Poetry Month Posts

Today is July 20, so it's been three months since I last blogged about my hyper ambitous NaPoWriMo project for April 2020. Last I'd posted, I was way behind on my revision tasks. During my staycation last week, I was able to get all of those empty boxes checked off. 

Not only did I revise 30+ poems, when I thought how best to publish these recently revised poems, I decided to make 17 of them "Instagram Poem" posts. Why? Because they are short, quiet poems that come to life even more with accompanying images, as is typical with Instagram poems.

In some ways I am a poetry snob, but I am trying to get over this. First because I salute democracy, including in poetry. But also because I am a fan of reading. I love when people read. I don't care the challenge the writing presents, I just think getting in the habit of reading, as opposed to almost any other habit, is good practice. So, though I can anticipate an objection to the medium/ form of InstaPoetry, I ultimately don't care what reservations naysayers may have to them. 

So! After the 2020 Boston Poetry Marathon Festival, set for the first weekend of August, I plan to finally catch up on these blog posts with my individual Instagram poems. Since there are 17, and I have only nine more posts to make, I will run over. So the last 8 will be posted on the actual day I write the post. Stay tuned next month for the posts!