Check-In - Where Am I At? April 17 NaPoWriMo

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Progress Report on Ultra Megs Super Duper Extra NaPoWriMo

This post is dated April 17 but I'm writing it on April 28, so I'm a little behind on the blog posts, but with five different things to do each day, I knew I'd be behind on things. I'm hoping I can finish everything by mid-May, to be honest.

As of the 28th day, I have: 
  • Written 27 new poems
  • Created 17 new blog posts (including this one)
  • Typed up 16 previously only hand-written poems
  • Submitted 15 poems AND an entire manuscript (I'm counting that as a week's worth of submissions)
  • And I have revised 2 poems

Obviously behind on the revision, but that's only a technicality. I have made hand written edits and revisions to probably over 30 poems, and I just need to sit down and get them into the cloud.

So! Doing pretty good. Even though there's only 2 more days to go, the fact that I'm over half way done with most tasks and almost completely done with one of the tasks, I'm pretty happy with my progress!