April 1 NaPoWriMo Ultra Mega Super Duper Extra Edition - Day 1

The Start of Ultra Mega Super Duper EXTRA NaPoWriMo

Hoo! Here we are on the official first day. To remind you, the goal is to
  • write a new 
  • revise an old
  • type up an as-yet transcribed
  • submit, and 
  • blog about working on all these

poems for each day of April.

I do not plan to do all things each day. I just plan to have 30 of each category done by the end of the month (or a little while thereafter).

What Did I Do Today?

So far I have flagged well over 30 poems that may or may not be typed up alread. Some may. But at least I have a good start for that part of the project.

I created a Facebook group for NaPoWriMo 2020. If you are a random person who wants to join this group, feel free to request it! 

I wrote a new poem for April 1 (not blogging) and another for tomorrow (blog post for tomorrow). 

And since I finished writing it after midnight, yesterday's post explaining my UMSDENaPoWriMo plans counts as things I did today.

I also created draft posts for every day of NaPoWriMo 2020, so I know how many I have to yet to do. 

What Do I Need to Do?

  • Create a tracker for all of the plans I have
  • Find places to submit my poems
  • Choose poems to submit to those places
  • Type up untranscribed poems
  • Revise old poems

Lots to keep me busy, on top of working from home, working on the front and patio garden, working on the RI Democratic Women's Caucus (we had a great little executive committee meeting via video conference today), working on Boston Austen Book Club (trying to plan a bonus remote meeting), paying the April bills, messaging with friends and family, finishing putting away yesterday's groceries, taking a walk, and somehow managing to watch an episode of Miss Fisher. 

I get a lot done when I have a lunch hour at home and two extra hours free time because I'm not commuting to work. 

My Plans for Tomorrow

I want the trackers set up so I can see how I'm doing on my goals. I will probably put those up for my April 3 post. And I want to start making sure the untyped poems get typed up, so that will be my focus, since I've already written two new poems. 

I think the weekend will be the time I research poems and submit them.