April 2 NaPoWriMo Ultra Mega Super Duper Extra Edition - N95 Masks

tarot card spread face down

NaPoWriMo - Day 2 - Tarot Card Prompt

On their Facebook profile, the poet Joey Gould offered to pull Tarot Cards for anyone doing a NaPoWriMo, so I chimed in for one, and this is what they pulled for me. They explained it's meaning:

Experience (The Chariot)
This signals chaotic (even risque) magick. A bouncing from place to place, either in the past or to come. A searching of either extroversion or interiority has yielded results, now use the data appropriately or suffer the consequences.

The Poem I Wrote

I saw this card while listening to Jim and Margery on Boston Public Radio, in the late morning of April 1. A health care worker called in to explain how they were trying to preserve their N95 masks for as much reuse as possible. 

I took her language, and the prompt of "risque" and "chaotic" and using "data appropriately" to create this. 


It's a logic puzzle
The fox, the hen, the corn
Across the lake in a raft
With room for only one

A surgical mask, an N95, a paper bag
A criminally inept president
A sick patient
A shortage of supplies

Put on the N95
Cover it with the surgical mask
Treat the patient
Leave the room

Remove the surgical mask
Return the N95 to the paper bag
Put on another surgical mask
Curse the fecklessness of the supply chain