Witchcraft for the Plague...Sorta

Seven Witch-y Things To Do to Help Your Physical and Mental Health During COVID-19 Prevention Measures

counter with a fiery cauldron and viles and other witchy things with a diand-shaped panel medieval window in the background

NO! I do not think there's a magic spell or combo of crystals to keep under you pillow or anything like that to help with the dire circumstances regarding the spread of COVID-19. 

However, there are "witch-y" things you can do to help stay healthy, mentally and physically. Like, having an optimal immune system, taking time do have calm, quiet contemplative time, and thinking how to harm none through your own actions.

So, it is kinda like doing spells to combat a plague, in a sense.

With that caveat in place, what "witchy things" can we employ to help boost our immune system?

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Teas, Herbs and Roots for Sleep disorders, Anxiety & Depression Lavender St StJohn John Worts Chamomile Valerian Lemon Balm Peppermint Kava'

  1. Sleep - Herbal teas and tinctures can aid in getting a long night's sleep. Valerian root, ashwaganda, oatstraw, lavender, licorice root, chamomile. Make a "potion" of these in tea with tincture form.
  2. Stay calm - I love coloring in my Planner for a Magical Year by Amy Cesari. It's informative and the drawings are lovely!
  3. Sunlight - be outside on your back steps in the sun and read a good witchy book. Maybe the ridiculously covered but still informative pocket classic from Scott Cunningham, "The Truth about Witchcraft Today."
  4. Drink plenty of good liquids - more potions! Tulsi and green tea with honey! Nettle with cinnamon! Matcha and coconut oil frozen latte!
  5. Be joyful - watch a movie or read a novel that soothes your soul, like Practical Magic, or this great witchy novel I just listened to the audio version of called "Petty Magic" by Camille DeAngelis, or search pics of pets & familiars. There's a lot of smiles to be had right there!
  6. Keep busy - Are you telecommuting for the forseeable future? Make a playlist with your most mystical music to help you concentrate. I have one called "Crystal Core" with my favorite, Tori Amos, to start (the first lyrics of the first song is 'crystal core," hence the playlist title) along with Sigur Rose, Vitamin String Quartet, Kitka, Yo-Yo Ma, Florence and the Machine, and my sceond favorite singer-songwriter, Jolie Holland, to name a few. 
  7. Give yourself a lot of breaks - sometimes, though, it's just really overwhelming, isn't it? So, if it's hard to do anything but just pin Pinterest pics of your favorite Goth fashion while binging the 1980 version of Pride and Prejudice on Amazon Prime, so mote it be. Whatever it takes to help you stay the eff home and help harm none.