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Sebadoh - Bakesale

Yeah, I was kickin' it old school with that purchase. 1994 to be exact. Nothing like some Lou B to get you through the rainy day. All that whiny, punk/ alt rock is cathartic some times.

Here's some lyrics from the Sebadoh song, "Sh*t Soup":

Our futures are so separate
Bespectacled and desperate
It's not my job to undo
The dying prophecy of you

Though most of the time I find myself tweaking the lyric to, "It is my job to undo, the undying romanticizing of me." Because dudes who love Sebadoh have been known to do make me sing that.

Allison Krauss and Union Station - New Favorite

Another name for Union Station is "the Soggy Bottom Boys" from the Grammy winning soundtrack for "O, Brother, Where Art Thou?" Great voices. This album came out around then. So, I guess I was kicking Middle School style, since it was released in 2001, as opposed to Bakesale's more than ten year ago release.

Even though it's classified as "country" by iTunes, I'm putting it where it belongs - in bluegrass. Because I don't like "country" but I love Allison Krauss. Remind me to get that new one with her an Robert Plant. People are guffawing over it on NPR and PBS.

New Favorite features songs like "The Luck One" and "Let Me Touch You for a While." Videos I saw on Country Music Television.

Not that I watch CMT. Because I don't like country. But I was flipping through stations and saw Allison Krauss, so I stayed to watch. That's all. I did not enjoy songs like "Redneck Woman" and "Suds in the Bucket" and watch those videos every time they were on. I did not watch Tim McGraw's biography. I did not develop a teeny crush on Kenny Chesney. (Why am I such a sucker for the short guys?!!!)

Okay, I watched CMT a little. But I was living in Pittsfield and working in Newport!!!! Have you been to that part of Maine?! It's more southern than the South, a lot of the time. So, when in Rome, you know?

Still, I think of Allison Krauss as more bluegrass than country and I'm sticking to that. Even if iTunes and CMT and the Grammies and all that disagree.

Because I don't like country.

(Maybe a little. But don't tell Chrissy or Jenny because then they'll think it's okay to play it in the car and it isn't. Half the reason I like any of those country people is because of the interesting videos. So don't go getting any ideas.)