Go the Eff to Sleep, Bridget - A Bedtime Ritual

drawing of cat sleepin on weathered looking canvas background with "don't bother me I'm sleeping" in lettering around the black cat

Practices, Teas and Routines to Help Get to Sleep

I have THE WORST time getting to sleep. Add to that the current circumstances of working from home, so being off schedule, and anxiety for the state of things, and it's extra tough to sleep well.

Here's what helps me...

Bedtime Ritual

1) Wash face, brush hair, brush teeth, put on soft clothes for sleeping

2) Create a "sleeping potion" :

  • 1 tsp oatstraw loose tea
  • 1 tsp ashwaganda loose tea
  • 1/4 tsp dried lavender
  • Steep tea in big sized mug
  • Add: tincture of licorice root, tincture of valerian root, tincture of passion flower, tincture of gingko biloba

3) Put on sleep music. (Lots of streaming services have stations with that name)

4) Turn screen to: dark mode, lowest brightness, and warmest tone. Try to put it away (it's so hard!).

5) Turn off most lights but a soft one.

6) Pick something low key (not to stimulating) to read.

7) Sip tea, and wind down with the phone. Finish tea, put the phone away.

8) Get comfy in the covers with the book. Hopefully fall asleep with it.

It's such a difficult time. Hope you all can get as much sleep as possible and stay healthy and safe.