My Vivid Witch-y Dream

earth goddess
Image c/o Pandannalmagen on Pixabay

According to My Subconcious, I'm Apparently a Descendent of the Earth Goddess. Cool.

Have any of you ever had a really vivid dream? So vivid, it's almost like you're watching a movie starring yourself? I had the equivalent of a whole episode of a TV show play out in my dream the other day and it was so very witch-y. I loved it because it's amazing when your subconcious creates and expands what your concious mind is thinking about.

Where the Heck Did THAT Come From?

In real life, my mother and I recently drove from my home in Providence, RI to her home in New Orleans. We listened to audiobooks to keep us engaged on the road and for the last leg we listened to Phillipa Gregory's "The Lady of the Rivers," (for those unfamiliar this is a historical "witchy"-ish novel.) It was actually spookily perfect because as we were driving through a torrential downpour in a suddenly very dark late Alabama afternoon, we listened to the main character, Jacquetta, talk about scrying in her first husband's alchemy lab! How perfect??? I think this is what prompted my dream.

The Dream 

Recently I dreamed that I was sitting in a kind of miniature colosseum of place. I was looking to go to a school for descendents of Melusina (the water goddess that Jacquetta is a decendent of) and I must have been on the campus of the school, waiting for an interview. A very snooty Head Mistress type came to me and sneered at me that not everyone who had an affinity for the water was a descendent of the water goddess. And she said to me this wasn't "Harry Potter world where things were jolly and fun, this was a serious institution with strict admissions standards" and there was no way I was ever getting into a place meant for only daughters of the water.

Then a voice in my head--not mine--said, "There's more than one way to be a witch. There's more than one element   . And YOU are a daughter of the EARTH!" And apparently I had said as much aloud to the snooty Water School Head Mistress, walking towards her and confronting her, except I said, "And *I* am a daughter of the EARTH!" and then I felt myself raise my palms to her and out shot vines and herbs that grew all around her and filled the mini colosseum with beautiful plants. And both of us were extremely shocked! Then I looked at my hands like "wtf? 😄"

Then there was the next scene, where I was recalling all this to someone else (can't recall who) and I said something like, "Well, this makes a lot of sense. I mean even though I am a Cancer and I love swimming for hours, I also have had really good luck with my gardens, always in sort of difficult urban settings even, and I love my teas and tisanes, and I've been a vegetarian since I was 13 and never really liked meat, but loved all the vegetables and fruits and legumes. I guess I am a daughter of the earth goddess and not the water goddess."

What Does It Mean? Hmmm...

Isn't that wild?! Really what I can't believe is how extremely vivid it was, like it came from somewhere else. I loved it so much.