Presentation on Communications for a Grassroots Organization

Presentation I Gave for the Rhode Island New Leaders Council on Managing Communications for a Grassroots Organization

I was asked to do a presentation on how I do my work as the Communications Chair for the Rhode Island Democratic Women's Caucus for the Rhode Island New Leaders Council, in early February.  New Leaders Council is a national progressive training fellowship program where progressive leaders are chosen to join a cohort of 20 to hone the skills necessary to be a change agent in our communities. the program runs for six months january through june when the fellows graduate and present a capstone project using skills learned throughout the institute. February was their Communications month. The class leareds about strategic, digital, and public speaking. I was asked to be part of their Communications month classes.

I enjoyed putting the presentation together and how it helped me take stock of everything I've done and developed for the Women's Caucus, and everything I have learned since I took on the role of Communications Chair last May.

To be honest when Steph Moniz from the Rhode Island New Leaders Council asked me if I would do a presentation on Communications, I felt compelled to dismiss my knowledge and expertise. (Yes, I am aware of my compulsive leaning towards Imposter Syndrome.) I had only been chair of the communications committee for 10 months. I mean, some of them were the most intense, crazy months one could encounter as a Communications Chair of an organization, but still, was that enough to be giving a presentation on?

Then I realized a few things: I had learned a lot, and I had just learned it, and a recent learner always makes for the best teacher, because they're more aware of what a brand new learner does and doesn't already know. Also, I was selling myself short. I have TONS of communications experience, even if it is only recently in a titled position I hold. I have an MFA in creative writing, a BS in English Education, I have been creating newsletters and other informational documents for academic institutions for 16 years, I wrote and edited copy for an online store, I had journalism experience, and--oh yeah, I've been blogging for FOURTEEN years. I was qualified to do a presentation on how I taught myself to do grassroots, shoestring budget Communications for a small organization. And that is what I put together in the presentation above.