This Is NOT NORMAL — 30+ Examples of Corruption, Abuse of Power, and Autocracy in Rhode Island

On Tyranny, Lesson Number One Is “Do Not Obey In Advance”

How is this lesson relevant to local politics i n Rhode Island? For too long, ideals which are fundamental to the Democratic Party have not been the ideals that our so-called leadership in the state Democratic Party adhere to, and too often, it seems, we act like there is nothing to be done about this.

Which isn’t to say efforts haven’t been made to improve things. Quite the opposite. But that is what the trouble is. Those efforts have not made the impact they could have because too many people compromise where they should stand their ground. Too many people equivocate because they want their small measures accomplished, even at the expense of acquiescing to a tyrant. And as a collective, we in the state  of Rhode Island have come to just accept this despotic rule as the way things have to be for the forseeable future. We have, for too long, obeyed in advance.

We accept things as forgone conclusions that would baffle an outsider. We resign ourselves to the normality of a state party leader who fights against Pro-Choice legislation and groups that advocate for it, who fights against gun safety legislation, who admits climate change is a problem, but resigns to the amoral conclusion that there is nothing we can do to impact, slow, or reverse its effects.

It is NOT NORMAL what we have going on in our beloved little state of Rhode Island and here are 30+ examples (an inexhaustive list)

But wait, there’s more!
We have been living under a local despot’s rule here in Rhode Island, and it is not normal. This is not even an exhaustive list. I may keep updating as I go, but 30+ not normal things, including ones involving state and federal criminal investigations, is quite a start.

This authoritarian dam is bound to break, isn’t it? There’s only so much good faith actors, with hopes and dreams for their state and their party, can take before something gives.

There comes a time when we must say: enough. That time is now. The current Speaker of the Rhode Island General Assembly must resign from his position. The state of Rhode Island deserves leadership worthy of its potential. We deserve better. We deserve normalcy.

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