Bridget Eileen, Artistic Director of the Boston Poetry Marathon

live poetry fresh killed sign that looks like live poultry fresh killed
Sign created by Jim Behrle

Boston Poetry Marathon Artistic Directors Bridget Eileen and Suzanne Mercury

🎚A Little Announcement 🎚 Your head organizers of the Boston Poetry Marathon, Suzanne Mercury & Bridget Eileen, had ouir mid-year meeting earlier this month to talk about all kinds of things for the next BPM. Plans for the Boston Poetry Marathon 2020 are well underway!

We are exploring other ways to fund our amazing yearly event, including with possible arts grants. To go along with this endeavor, instead of just calling ourselves the "organizers" of the Boston Poetry Marathon, we're going to be the "Artistic Directors" of it. It helps in grant lingo! If you have any ideas or leads for grants to help fund our little-but-growing beloved event, please let us know!

Thanks again to all the participants throughout the years. And thanks especially to all the volunteers to who've assisted with social media, graphics, MCing, set-up and take-down, rolls of toilet paper, ceiling leaks and all other fun things that happen during our special 3-day event. We are so excited for what's to come. Stay tuned for more info after the holidays!

Can you tell we love this summertime festival, which is why we plan for it starting in December? We do! We really really do. 💗💗💗 Thank you to everyone who is a part of this very special poetry event.