Celebrating Bi Visibility Day - Keep an Open Mind for Love and Romance!

Take It from a Cis Het Woman: Keeping an Open Mind Is a Wonderful Thing!

Happy #BiVisibilityDay to all my bi- and pan- friends, especially the ones I have dated! That is to say, as an open-minded cishet woman unopposed to relationships with men who identify as bi- or pansexual, it's been a joy to have such partners in the past. I want to acknowledge & send my love & support to them, and to all! ❤️

Discrimination Bi- and Pansexual Men Encounter from Cishet Women

Back when I was on the Internet Dating Machine (I'm currently in retirement) a lot of the bisexual men I encountered on dating sites were really grateful to me for not excluding them as possible partners because of their sexuality. Can you believe that? And this is in the past few years, mind you, not, like a zillion years ago.

It's sad that even contemporarily bi- and pansexual people face rejection because of their sexuality, but that's why Bi Visibility Day is important to have and to celebrate. And while those past relationships with bi- and pansexual men didn't work out as long term relationships, I still built good friendships and experienced interesting and fulfilling-in-their-own-way romantic relationships from them.

The other thing to note is that bisexuality doesn't mean the person will or will not want to be monogamous or non-monogamous, just as one's heterosexuality or homosexuality doesn't determine their desire for that. For my part, since I am what I call "poly-flexible" as in, I can be open to open relationships, or I can also accept monogamy if that's what my partner wants, this wasn't a worry for me. However, I think some people who want to be monogamous exclude a bi- or pansexual partner because they assume that partner will not want monogamy. That's not necessarily true! It all depends on the situation and the people in the relationship. So!...

Please Keep an Open Mind and See People for All Their Potential

I just want to make sure that everyone keeps an open mind to finding love, romance, or pleasurable relationships with people, no matter their own, or the other person's sexual identity and disposition to open or monogamous relationships. When you open yourself up to possibilities, you can have experiences that are surprising and fulfilling, in many facets.