The VooDoo Museum in New Orleans French Quarter

beaded artwork in the voodoo museum of new orleans french quarter

NOLA Series: A Visit to the VooDoo Museum

It's teeny tiny and tucked away but it's rich with history and intrigue. The VooDoo Museum is just a few rooms on Dumaine St in the French Quarter, but there's a lot to see in all the nooks and crannies from ceiling to floor. I recommend it as a unique New Orleanian attraction.

voodoo museum lady of czestochowa
VooDoo Museum - Lady of Czestochowa

I don't know exactly how I heard about the VooDoo Museum. A few guidebooks do mention it. I did not go in as someone spooked by voodoo, though. It was 2013, and I was just settling into realizing I was a neopagan--a solo practitioner, pantheist, hearth/eclectic who observed the Celtic pagan holidays, to be exact, now. 

new orleans voo doo museum banner with snake
New Orleans Voo Doo Museum - Banner Fabric Artwork, Man with Snake

When you first walk in, the person at the front desk may have a large snake around them. That was the case for me. I think the guy wanted to shock me. But I'm a snake person. Heck, I'm going to the VooDoo Museum, you know?

the cemetery for the voo doo practioner
Information on the Cemetery for the Voo Doo practitioner

Anyway, you give your admission and then you can walk through the rooms. Though it is small, it is packed from top to bottom with artwork, offerings, altars, and exhibits.

mermaid artwork at the voodoo museum of nola
Mermaid or selkie artwork at the Voodoo Museum of NOLA

There is a small gift shop. I have to tell you, I bought some gris gris (talisman) in the gift shop. The blue little bag, for wealth. I was on unemployment and only partially employed at the time. Later in the month, I got to full-time job offers. Coincidence? Maybe. But I still have my gris gris and I'm still grateful for the fortune it may have brought me.

zombie information at the voodoo museum in NOLA
Zombie information at the Voodoo Museum in the French Quarter

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