Pride 2019 - Opinion: On Catholicism and the bishop of My City

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The bishop of Providence Is a Disgrace and an Emblem of an Institution That Should Be Radically Reformed, or Otherwise Abandoned

lgbtq nation report on homophobia of bishop tobin of providence

I don't know if my loathing for this person, Tobin, the bishop of my fantastic city of Providence, could be measured. He represents everything that is wrong, everything that motivates me to virulently renounce the religion I was brought up in.

People like him--and the fact that they are a majority voice of the Church--make it impossible for me to just simply be a part of a different spiritual practice. (I am a very happy and proud neopagan.) Instead, I cannot affirm passionately enough my rejection of such a hateful, disgusting, bigoted, misgynositc, homophobic, sex-phobic, unhealthy, unwelcoming, evil institution.

This is a shame, given the good things that those in Catholicism who have focused on social justice, on peace, and on love have contributed to this world (St Brigid, St Francis of Assissi, Sisters of Saint Joseph, Nuns on the Bus, etc). But with leaders like this bishop of my great city, spewing such hate--I'm sorry to say, it erases all of that good.

These insidious messages of intolerance serve only the worst aspects of humanity. They have no business is a faith that purports to be about love. Yet, this perversion endures. And thus, I reaffirm:
 the catholic church is a harmful, hateful institution and needs to undergo radical change to become the pro-social justice, pro-peace, pro-love institution they purport to be

Otherwise, those who reject what the bishop stands for, really should consider finding a new faith. Don't let yourself remain part of an institution that does this to your fellow humans.