Campaign Sexism BINGO!

Gather Your Friends to Play a Round of "Campaign Sexism BINGO" for the Next Debate!

With a historic number of women running for President in 2020, there is no end to the amount of sexism we will hear from the punditry. Rather than throwing things across the room in frustration, let's ridicule their stupid sexism! Join me in playing Sexism Bingo!

Laughing is a good antidote to all this madness. In that vein, for the next debate, create your own Sexism Bingo Card by following the link. You can even make a copy to keep in the Sexism Bingo folder with you name/Twitter alias. Use the hashtag #sexismbingo when you hear a pundit, or view a pundit's social media post, that fills a square on you Campaign Sexism Bingo card.

We can combat all the BS these talking heads spew during and after the debates by shame their tired tropes. The winner of Campaign Sexism Bingo gets to Smash the Patriarchy the hardest. Ha!

Feel free to share widely! #SexismBingo