The Boston Austen Book Club Begins It's "Year of Pride and Prejudice" with the Annotated Edition by Patricia Meyer Spacks

boston austen book club spring 2019 announcement pride and prejudice annotated by patricia meyer spacks

The Spring 2019 Meeting of the Boston Austen Book Club Kicks Off Our "Year of Pride & Prejudice"

What:     Pride & Prejudice (annotated), ed by Patricia Meyer Spacks
When:    Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 2pm
Where:   The Pleasant Cafe
How:      Read the book and gather together to discuss it!
Why:      Because it's the best book ever, duh

A Year of Pride and Prejudice Begins

In a previous post, I had mentioned that the next venture for the BABC would be a selection of titles for the next year that were related to Pride and Prejudice. We're going heavy with the mammoth Harvard Univeristy Press Edition of Patricia Meyer Spacks annotated version of the Best Book Ever (according to me, and a lot of other people--it's okay if you have a different favorite!)

The Upcoming Titles for a Year of Pride and Prejudice

I'm still reviewing the last title, but the other ones will be Bridget Jones and Bridget Jones"The Edge of reason, which we will discuss in late August or early September. These are excellent beach reads, and I am partial to them because the main character has an awesome first name. 

Next will be "Unmarriageable" by Soniah Kamal. That will be our Fall selection, and I think that date will be mid-November.

The Winter pick, I'm still deliberating. I have two titles in mind, and I'm reviewing them now, but I've got time to decide. That meeting will happen in late February, probably, weather permitting. And we will pick a snow day for it as well, because that's life in New England!

A Note about the Boston Austen Book Club

We are open to whomever would like to come to the meeting. Many members are Jane enthuisasts, some work in a bookish field, others are writers, and some just want to get together to talk about books, since that is a good and geeky way to spend an afternoon. We only meet once a season, so the time commitment isn't as intense as a monthly book club. We have really great and lively discussions, with lots of laughs and deep discussions on the texts and its relveance to the time and to today, and to other works of art. It is book nerd nirvana--and the pizza at the Pleasant, along with the lovely staff, are always a delight. So, consider coming to the next event! Feel free to message if you have more questions.

The Boston Austen Book Club Has a Facebook Page

Please join the Facebook page for the latest announcements. People also post fun and/or interest Jane Austen-related content occasionally, too.