I Have a Poem Published in the Latest Issue of Nitrogen House Zine

nitrogen house issue 3 cover

My Poem "Memory from Moonlight" Published in Issue 3 of Nitrogen House

Ever have an item on your To Do list for months that you keep saying to yourself you will definitely get to next time you review your To Do list and then something else more immenient always arises? That's the case with my sharing my latest publishing news on here and on Bridget-Eileen.com!

Anyway, to not bury the lede any further, I have a poem published in Issue 3 of the lit mag "Nitrogen House." You can view the full issue at:

art for bridget eileen poem memory from moonlight
The excellent art that accompanies my poem at Nitrogen House

About My Poem 'Memory from Moonlight'

I wrote this poem during the year a wrote a poem a day, from April 2010 to April 2011. To keep the challenge "fresh" I would take up various other caveats. This time around it was to write a poem with the word "moon" in it for a month. 

I mean, I'm a Cancer. We are indelibly tethered to the Moon, so of course I must write poems about it.

I was dating someone who seemed nice at the time (kinda boring and not as conscientious and nice  as he seemed it later turned out, alas--that's always the way!) and we'd made out a bunch. I also used my favorite John Wieners poetry word: pajamas. But I used the British spelling, because it's more fun to say, "pyjamas," than the American spelling.

And there you have it. That's how this poem was born. I like it's sing-song rhythm and then how it sort of spins out of its order towards the end, like emotions do.