A List of All the Books We've Read in the Boston Austen Book Club as of Spring 2019

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The Books the BABC Has Read as of Spring 2019

Since I put the Boston Austen Book Club page together on Vintage Bridge today, I figured I would also share the books we have read so far, as well.

Fall 2018 

annotated sense and sensibilty cover edited by david m shapard
Our first book for BABC
Annotated Sense and Sensibility, edited by David M Shapard - our first book to kick things off. we met, as usual, at the Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale, Boston. All our meetings have been at the Pleasant so far. It's a good meeting spot! Mmm...pizza.

Winter 2018

jane austen's england longbourn pride adn prejdice covers
Longbourn by Jo Baker

We discussed Jo Baker's "Longbourn" with suplemental material of "Jane Austen's England" and the book that inspired Longbourn, Pride and Prejudice. We didn't get to discuss Jane Austen's England very much, so we may well come back to that title in the future.

Spring 2018

persuasion annotated by robert morrison
Persuasion, edited by Robert Morrison

The Harvard University Press's annotated version of Persuasion, edited by Robert Morrison was our Spring 2018 book. You can tell that Persuasion pierced the soul of Morrison, too, as it was quite obviously a labor of love to annotate. Very good edition.

Summer 2018

Dancy with Mr Darcy, introduction by Sarah Waters
Fan fiction short stories collected in the book "Dancing with Mr Darcy" was our summer "beach read" book. Though, in the book, no one talks about dancing with Mr Darcy. Hm. There were interesting "takes" on characters and actions and receptions of Austen's work in this book. I bought my copy at the Dollar Tree, so I can't complain.

Fall 2018

jane austen the secret radical
Jane Austen: the Secret Radical by Helena Kelly

This is my favorite title so far that we have read for the Boston Austen Book Club. I think that Dr Helena Kelly's research about Jane Austen and how she was, in fact, quite radical for her time, is fascinating.

Also: happy year anniversary to the BABC!

Winter 2019

mansfield park edited by david m shapard
Mansfield Park, edited by David M Shapard

Brrrrr it's chilly in Fanny's East Room hide out. That's because everyone in Mansfield Park is an a$$hole to her! Anyway, despite the loathsome characters overflowing in this book, we had a really great discussion about it. Mrs Norris is the ultimate bully and energy vampire. Bye Felicia to that mess.

Spring 2019 - Upcoming 

pride and prejudice patricia meyer spacks
Pride and Prejudice, edited by Patricia Meyer Spacks

This coming June 15 marks the beginning of the Boston Austen Book Club's "A Year of Pride and Prejudice." For the next four seasons we will be reading Pride and Prejudice and work inspired by the novel. It's my favorite book, and there's so many good "spin-offs," I proposed the idea at the last meeting and there were murmurs and exclamations of approval. So, here we are! More details on "A Year of Pride and Prejudice" can be found at this post. 

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