Internet Dating Machine BINGO: an Online Dating Poem, of sorts

onling dating bingo for okcupid and tinder

I'm Calling This BINGO Card a Poem; I Could Call It an Ode to OkCupid

I have literally encountered all these things multiple times over. It is truly awful out there in dating land. 

This is why I would be open to the idea of non-monogamy but it's so difficult to find ONE nice guy, never mind multiple loving, caring and kind men to balance in a busy schedule. I call it "polyflexible." If my partner just wants to be monogamous, sounds good, I'm way too tired from trying to find at least one person I like a lot.

I have screen shot hundred of stupid messages. Some day I will write a memoir about these shenanigans. In the meantime, please enjoy my conceptual art poem bingo game thing.