Opinion: Rhode Islanders Deserve a Speaker Supportive of the Democratic Party Platform in the General Assembly

The Rhode Island General Assembly Should Have a Speaker Who Supports the Democratic Party's Platform

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We Need to Remove from Power a Person Who Asserts He Is a "Firewall" Against Commonplace Aspects of the Democratic Party Platform

Speaker Nichaolas Mattiello considers standard issues listed on the Democratic Party platform as "ultra left-wing" and asserts he is a "firewall" against these standard Democratic ideals.

If he does not support these standard Democratic Party platform issues, then he should not be a Democrat, much less have a leadership role within the state's Democratic Party.

Rhode Islanders, contact your representative immediately to let them know you feel the Speakership in the General Assembly should go to a person who truly supports the standard beliefs and issues of the Democratic Party platform. List of Representative at this link.

Here is the letter I wrote to my representative. Feel free to copy and paste!

Dear Rep. John Joseph Lombardi,

First, I would like to send congratulations on your re-election. Tuesday was a good day for Democrats in the state and in the nation.

I am contacting you today to send my strong disapproval of Rep. Nicholas A. Mattiello as the speaker of the General Assembly. In a recent Providence Journal article, and throughout his conflict with certain organizations, he has deliberately mischaracterized as "radical" and "ultra left-wing" the concerns and issues of many of your constitutents. A desire for gun safety, state-wide guarantee of a women's right to choose, equal pay, protections for victims of abuse, support of trade unions, and advocacy for safer workplaces are commonplace Democratic platform issues. (https://democrats.org/about/party-platform/)

If Mattiello considers such things to be too "left-wing" for him, he should not be a Democrat. Further, and more importantly, he most certainly should not be a leader of the the Democratic party in the state's General Assembly.

Again, I assert my strongest disapproval of Rep. Nicholas A. Mattiello as the speaker of the General Assembly and urge you not to support his speakership any longer.


Bridget Eilleen
Federal Hill