The Poet Richard Caddel

Poet Richard Caddel quote about the excitement of writing poetry
"[I] started reading and writing poems for the
excitement of the physical impact of words joined together."

Poet Spotlight: Richard Caddel

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Richard Caddel passed awayin 2003. He is, unfortunately, more of an obscure poet. I wish it were diffrently, though, because his work deserves greater recognition.

The Independent published an exemplary obituary about this poet:

His birthday is the day before mine :-D

Jacket 2 has a series of nine poems, two stanzas each in quatrains, to read, at:

This one was my favorite:

Epic EPC 4955:
"Knowing me knowing you" : Abba
in Cambodia, in Kosovo

Amoral and apolitical silly
seeks ditto, divine: must be
"docile and passive", unable
to pervert language.

O never teach me to understand:
my sick children's gaze - 
years laid waste -
and we have made all this -