Using LibraryThing Tags to Help Keep Track of Books to List in My Graduate Thesis Bibliography

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This is an old post from my previous blog Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book.

When I was in graduate school, I used LibraryThing to help me keep track of all the titles I would need to include in my graduating thesis bibliography. Below is a list from 2008 of my "Stonecoast Bibliography" tagged books, and my "Poetry" tag books; edited for relevance.

Here's a list of my Stonecoast Bibliography and my Poetry tags. 

Frank O'Hara
James Schuyler
Robert Duncan
Ezra Pound
Kimberley Lyons
the people I know well
Emily Dickinson
Arthur Rimbaud
Charles Baudelaire
Paul Verlaine
Stephane Mallarme
Rainer Maria Rilke
Robert Lowell
John Ashberry
Robert Creeley
Charles Olson
Allen Ginsberg
Anais Nin
Henry Miller
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
e e cummings
Bernadette Mayer
William Carlos Williams
Walt Whitman
Alice Notley
Stonecoast faculty poets
Hart Crane
Richard Caddel
John Weiners
Marie Ponsot
Jane Austen
J K Rolwing
Robin Hood myths
Gnostic Gospels
King James Bible