The Occasional Organization Post: Bye Bye Flickr, Hello Google Photos

Konmari-ing My Digital Photo Storage Thanks to Flickr's Outrageous Subscription Increase

For years now, since 2006, I'v ebeen storing my photos on Flickr. The cost was $25 for the year to store essentially unlimited -- something like a gabillion GB or whatever -- photos.

Recently, Flickr was sold off from Yahoo to another company, SmugMug. Then I received this email:

Hi BridgetEileen,

Your 1 Year Flickr Pro subscription will renew on October 18th, 2018 at the current price of $49.99 billed annually. Renewal is automatic, so you don’t have to do a thing to continue enjoying all the great features of Flickr Pro.

Your Flickr Pro subscription includes:

Unlimited photo storage.
Ad-free browsing.
Advanced photo stats.
Worry-free uploads with the Flickr Auto-Uploadr.
Industry discounts.
Members like you drive us and inspire our community. Thank you for your continued support.

UM WHAT? You're going to charge me DOUBLE what I was paying, just out of nowhere???


Time to Sort, Discard, Organize and Move My Digital Photos - to a better product for a much better price, at that

So now I have 9 days to move tens of thousands of photos to Google, where I pay only $20 a year for upping my storage, and that applies to calendars, mail, Drive and photos.

It'd be one thing if Flickr were an AMAZING superbly superior photo sharing and storing product. But it is not. I've been frustrated an unhappy with the product for a while, but didn't think the labor of switching to another photo storage option was worth it -- until now, when it will cost me FIFTY STUPID BUCKS for a pile of poo.

Time to "Konmari" this part of my digital life -- delete the pics that don't spark joy, then bring the ones I do love and care to keep over to Google Photos. With twelve years of digital picture to go through, I'm about to embark on quite the adventure down memory lane.