Mural Just Outside of Samuel Adams Brewery in Stony Brook, Jamaica Plain

mural like art installation on the side of building at the brewery complex in Stony Brook section of Jamaica Plain in Boston near Samuel Adams brewery

Murals of Boston: The Mural-Esque Large Art Installation Near the Brwery Complex in Jamaica Plain

This strreet art is on Boylston St side of the Brewery Complex. It's kind of a hybrid sculpture and mural. Love the bright colors. If you ever take a trip to Sam Adams, take a walk around the area. There's lots of cute things around the neighborhoo, including this art!

If you've ever been to Boston, you may have noticed there's quite of a lot of purposeful street art. There are murals on wall as part of the Mayor's Mural Crew project. And art is often painted onto utility boxes on the sidewalk.

I love the art for the people!

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