New Books - book shopping "down the Cape" AKA in Cape Cod

personal book shelf of Bridget Eileen

Book Haul - Thanks, Obama! (I used part of my tax credit to buy new books)

The following is a repost from 2009 from my former blog, "Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book."

I went to Cape Cod for the 4th of July and before I left, I did some book shopping at Yellow Umbrella Books in Chatham and Tim's Used Books in Hyannis (update 2018, Tim's is sadly permanently closed). Late evening bookshopping is a good way to wait out traffic.

I had the most success at Tim's, where I found tons and tons of used books. At the Yellow Umbrella, I bought a new book.

Here's my complete list:

** Poetry magazine October 1956 - I'll blog about that later
** Poetry magazine February 1965
** A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, a very cute edition of a "that's sweet, yeah" poem
** The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson
** Alcools Guillaume Apollinaire
** New Directions 26 - hard cover
** 50 Poems e e cummings (mad trippy cover, too)
** Technicians of the Sacred anthology edited by Jerome Rothenberg
** The Double Dream of Spring by John Ashberry
** The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler
** Alice Notley's Grave of Light

grave of light by alice notley

I also took time to start reading these while waiting out traffic. Very good way to spend a day. When I got on the road: zip zip zip, right back home. Smart thinking if you can get away with the leisure of the day. Happy Summer Everyone!