The Day I Met Tom Brady and the silly occasion poem I wrote about it. Go Pats!

Occasion Poem by Bridget Eileen about that time I met Tom Brady
Photo By Jeffrey Beall - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Bridget Eileen, a "hippie farm stand poet with a yellow butterfly on her head" the day she meets Tom Brady
Bridget Eileen, a "hippie farm stand poet
with a yellow butterfly on her head"
the day she meets Tom Brady

My Silly but Sweet Occasion Poem about That Time I Met Tom Brady

9/11 is generally a somber day but I do have one happy memory from Sept 11, 2012. I rarely write cute occasion poems, but sometimes it's good to commemorate the jovial moments. Meeting Tom Brady, and Gisele Bundchen,while working at the farm stand was just such an occasion.

Famous (on 9/11/12)

If you are famous like
Tom Brady then simple things
like buying wild blueberries, a
banana, maple syrup, honey &
a bag of granola from a
hippie farm-stand poet with a
plastic yellow butterfly on her head
becomes a public act for all of her
friends, family & now readers
to know. Also, they will know
if you are gracious & friendly
during your purchase.
_ _ _ _ Which you were.

bola granola
Bola Granola

The "Tom Brady" Granola

This is the brand of granola I sold to Tom Brady. It's "Bola Granola" and made out in western Massachusetts: 

He asked me if I liked it as I put it in his shopping bag. My brain went blank for a moment as I processed the fact that Tom Brady had asked me a question, regarding my opinion on something. Tom Brady. Asked me. A question. Oh. My. God.


I hadn't tried it yet, but everyone who had tried it described it as the best granola they've ever had. So that's what I said to him.

Later, as I recounted everything to my co-workers at the farm stand in minute detail, over our walkie talkie system, one of the managers said, "Bridget, next time Tom Brady asks you about something we sell, you're supposed to just tell him is the best thing ever so he'll keep coming back."

To which I replied, "You're asking me to lie to Tom Brady, and I can't do that. I could never do such a thing!"

He and Gisele did come back, in fact! I think they enjoyed it there because, despite being weirdos and freaking out once they left, we were very respectful and really just let them be. One time Gisele came in with her mother and my co-worker had no idea who she was. He chi-chatted with her as he rang up her purchase. Asked where they were from, talked about having just moved back from teaching English in China, talked to her about when she was due (she was overdue for their child, Vivian).

When they left everyone was like, "What did you just talk to Gisele about for so long?" To which my co-worker asked, "Who is Gisele?" So think that is the key to interacting with the Uber Famous when they visit your humble farm stand. Have no clue that they are world famous people -- or do you best to pretend that's the way it is -- and just be nice.

~The End~