Series: Epistles to Ikea - Feb 23 visit

Hejsan Ikea!

Well, Mom and I had a very nice time, yet again. This time we had lunch, then looked at the chairs section in the showroom, then headed down to the marketplace for goodies. I got my staples: .49 book ends, rye crisps & coffee.

I also got 2 fitted full-size sheets for just 4.50 each. Egyptian cotton they are not, but nonetheless, I'm happy. I also got 4 more houseplants to accidentally kill someday. They look great, for now. Ask me in a month to 3 months. I got an ugly 2 dollars doormat but I wanted an ugly one that i wouldn't care about getting all good and dirty. John said he needed some candles a while ago, so I got a bunch of those. What else? Some funky throw pillows for the bedroom for 2 each. A set of 6 juice glasses, for wine because Rene and I like drinking wine from juice glasses, like at the old Italian restaurants in Boston, and they were a total of 2 dollars. A whisking set for 2 dollars. And a shaker, for dressing, sauces and dirties for 5 bucks.

My favorite thing? Um, totally the cheese with prawns in a tube at the Food Stuffs area. As Kara said, when I sent her a pic of it, "That's all kinds of wrong." I will post the pic as soon as I can. But I did get the Lindonberry Preserves -- sweet and tangy! And Elderflower Drink, which I am having right now. It's sweet, kinda like honey. I bought it because it reminded me of of something you'd find in Harry Potter.

Afterwards, we headed to Jordans Furniture to look for a chair for the newly redecorated living room. (SHOCKING that Mom would have a room newly redecorated!) instead, we decided to put the desk in the guest room, the chair in the guest room in the living room and the chair in the living room reunited with the loveseat at Alhambra.

So, no need for a new chair for mom. Sorry home decor industry! I didn't mean to diminsh the February sales...

Anyway, good times as always. Can't wait to go back for a whole bunch of other little things I sorta need.