Repost - Epistle to Ikea: Thanks for Dinner 9/10/06

epistles to ikea

September 10, 2006 @ 11:27 pm

Dear Ikea,

Thanks for having us over the other night for dinner. I’m sorry my brother was so disparaging. He is male and in his 20s and just doesn’t “get” the glory of thou.

Wasn’t it funny how, when we pulled in to your parking lot, my dad was skeptical, even a bit angry, that we were going “to Sears of Sweden for dinner” but then, by the end, ended up loving you? Live and learn.

I’m excited to put the new purple vase and Tim Burton Movie-esque dried brown flowers on my desk at work. For a buck fitty, you sure can treat a girl nice.

Mom is thinking about getting bamboo curtains, so now we have another excuse to go back.

Can’t wait to wake up and drink your coffee tomorrow!

Love always,