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Why pay when you can get it free? Old Town Public Library offers many excellent films for loan

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2006, 12:00 am
Article by: Bridget Eileen

This is an old article of mine from the Maine Campus, the school newspaper of the University of Maine.

If you are a commuter and living in Old Town, you might be familiar with the quasi-sympathetic groans frequently given by Orono residents. Yes, they live closer to campus and the ubiquitous mill stench isn’t something they have to contend with every day, but we Old Town residents have something that should be the envy of every Orono resident: Old Town Public Library. This gem of a library not only contains a diverse selection of children’s books, fiction, biography and nonfiction books, and books on tape and CD, but it also has an extensive collection of DVDs and videos.

Of course there are the area rental stores, like Movie Gallery and Blockbuster, but they cost money. Also, their offerings aren’t very expansive. I once tried to rent the classic “Raging Bull,” starring Robert DeNiro and directed by Martin Scorsese, at a local rental place, and the sales associate had never even heard of it. I did notice they carried the entire Mary Kate and Ashley collection, though.

Netflix and other DVD mailing companies do offer a diverse selection; however, I oftentimes found that I’d be in the mood for a romantic comedy but was stuck with two existential indie flicks and an historical epic. That was so frustrating and, for $17 a month, not really worth it.

The answer is for me was Old Town Public Library. They have “Sex and the City” seasons one through six. They have classics like “Gone with the Wind” and relatively new releases like the action movie – and home-wrecker inducing – “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” If you’re seeking more cerebral items, the OTPL collection also includes “Hotel Rwanda” along with other dramas and various documentaries, including “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

In addition to the DVD and video collection, the OTPL has other aspects of which to boast. The facility itself is very bright and comfortable. There are several nooks where a patron can sit down in a comfy chair and read a book or one of the wide range of periodicals available. The library staff is always very helpful and friendly, as well. The most appealing feature of the OTPL is, of course, that it’s free. You can borrow books for two weeks and DVDs and videos for up to a week and not pay for anything. No rental place can contend with that.

Old Town, Milford and Bangor residents can become members of the OTPL for free. Non-residents can join for a $30 annual fee. For more information and to browse the collection, go to http://www.old town.lib.me.us/.