Martha's Vineyard Columbus Day Weekend (repost)

sunset in menemsha martha's vineyard
Sunset at Menemsha in Martha's Vineyard

Stuff To Do in Martha's Vineyard on Columbus Day Weekend

This is a repost from my old blog about a weekend in Martha's Vineyard

This year, Mom had the womins in the family come down to Martha's Vineyard for a girls' weekend. It was pretty fun!

gingerbread houses in Martha's Vineyard
Leaving a note for a friend who owns
a gingerbread house in Martha's Vineyard
Saturday night, after going to Oak Bluffs for some shopping, cartwheeling (yes - I played TV tag & did cartwheels in front of the gingerbread houses with my sister-in-law and sister) & beers where a friend works, we went home to catch the ALCS game Sox vs Tampa Bay. (They lost very late in that one.)

The next day, I went for about a ten mile bike ride. I went from Edgartown to the airport and back. Pretty nice.

Then everyone went to Edgartown center shops (a quick walk from the house my mom rents) and look around. I hit up some favorite stores for good deals. The cool thing about Columbus Day is everyone's trying to sell everything, since the crowds are gone. So we got sweatshirts and stuff for 50%.

After that, we went to the artisan fair in West Tisbury. Way too steep for my pockets, so I went to the very neat-o Alley's General Store. Along the way, I passed the West Tisbury First Congregational Church. The general store's like a real old fashioned general store, with everything from coffee, to gifts, to brooms, to pink elephant watering cans.

the reading goat statue at the field gallery
Hope this goat didn't mind my snooping over its shoulder

Then we crossed the street to the Field Gallery. They have sculptures in the lawn and artwork inside the building. Here's the bigger shot of the one above with: a sculpture, Amanda and me. Oh, and the pink elephant, of course.

A few ladies went home after this, and those of us who stayed headed over to the Gayhead Lighthouse We watched the sunset from there. Seeing sunset at the end of an island is always a pretty good thing.

After that, we watched the Pats get spanked at sports bar in Oak Bluffs. Bummer.

The next day I took another bike ride to the famous "South Beach" aka Katama. It was actually a great beach day for October! Then it was time to head home!