LeBingo the Village's Premiere Drag Queen Bingo Party at Le Poisson Rouge

Linda Loves Bingo Drag Queen Linda hosting Le Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge
Linda Loves Bingo!

Drag Queen Bingo in the Village - Le Bingo with Linda at Le Poisson Rouge SO MUCH FUN

I first heard about "Le Bingo" on, of all places, NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!" during a round of "Bluff the Listener" regarding what hipster trend was bringing some old lady entertainment back into vogue. And as it happened, I was on my way to NYC not long after, so there I went to Le Poisson Rouge in the Village for my first night of Le Bingo. I had so much fun, it's exactly where I went straight off the bus from Boston last weekend, when I went to New York to read at a poetry reading series there.

I didn't win any prizes. (So sad, as there's some real marvelous ones! -- see Doughnuts below.) But I did win in a sense, as did everyone in the audience, since our host Linda Simpson and her assistants provide such hilarious, glamorous entertainment. Not to mention the drink specials! $4 fire whiskeys, vodka sodas, tequila (I stayed away from that one) and Abita Red Fish.

The stage for Le Bingo drag queen bingo at le poisson rouge
Win! BINGO Wow!
glamourous drag queens hosting drag queen bingo at lpr in the village of manhattan
So Gorgeous!
silly prizes for drag queen bingo at le poisson rouge in nyc
bingo cards and drink specials at drag queen bingo in new york city
I didn't win with this cursed cards!