The Occasional Organization Post: Folding Women's Size 12 and up Using the Konmari Method of Folding

size 12 US size leggings for folding the konmari way
Folding the Konmari Way for Pants US Size 12 and Up

How to Fold My American Womens Size Pants and Leggings, for Size 12 and Up 

Folding pants using the Konmari method for larger American sizes came up in a Konmari Facebook group I belong to. So I posted this about how I do a konmari fold, since American size clothing runs bigger than Japanese sizes, you have to do some adapting. If you're not familiar with "konmari method" of organizing, I recommend reading Marie Kondo's excellent little book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up."

First, I Have to Tell You Something: I'm an Organizing Nerd

I am way into organizing. I LOVE organizing and organization. I'm good at it, and I feel good when I'm doing it. I like to read books about organization and watch vlogs about organizing. Taking time to organize and get ready before jumping into a big project (like, say, putting on a three-day poetry festival) calms me and gives me confidence going into it.

I'm an organization nerd, and some day in the future, I think I will do this as a job, and I think I will like it a lot. I mean, half my job right now is organizing chaos and I don't mind my "work-that-I-do-to-make-a-living" job. I don't *love* love it, like I love blogging about arts and culture, and plus size pagan pinup fashion, but I am happy enough at my "muggle" job. It's a good one and I really like the people I work for. However, some day I will not be at that job. And the next thing I plan to do to make a living is be a home organizer.

So, on my arts and culture blog, I will occasionally have an "Occasional Organizing" post and talk about something to do with organization methods, whether it's employing the konmari method, or bullet journaling, or some book I'm reading on the subject. And on that note...

Adaptations for Konmari Folding US Size Clothes for Women's Size 12 Pants and Up

I wear clothes from size 12-18, depending on the clothing line. This is how I fold my leggings, adapting the konmari fold for larger American size clothes. This can also be applied to pants, if you konmari fold your pants.

how to folder large american sized pants using the konmari methods step-by-step

I fold in half, so the pant legs are on top of each other.

fold a third of the crotch area to make a long rectangle for a konmari fold of larger sized pants

Then I will fold about a third of the top of this fold in at the crotch area, to make a more typical rectangle (this is one adaptation.)

fold the wasteband down at the top of large sized pants to held build a sturdy bottom for folding larger US size pants and legging in the monmari way

I fold the waist band down, this is about two inches (this is another adaptation).

an adaptation of konmari fold for plus size

Then I put the hem to just below the waistband.

konmari fold for plus size pants

I fold up by thirds from the bottom...

folding pants by thirds using konmari method folding for plus size clothing

...and tuck the waist fold into the last third of the fold...

the last steps in folding large size pants for konmari fold

and then I have...

a sturdy rectangle konmari fold for US size large leggings

my nice, sturdy little "Konmari Fold."