John Wieners is my Dead Gay Poet Husband 4-eva

John Wieners home 44 Joy St Boston
44 Joy St in Boston, Former Home of the Poet John Wieners

A Visit to 44 Joy St, Boston, Massachusetts - Former Home of My Favorite Poet John Wieners

The following post is an old post from my previous blog, Bridget Eileen's Commonplace Book. This post was from the year 2009.

La de da, I'm stalking the deceased. I am in love, you see. I have had a slew of Dead Gay Poet Boyfriends, but have recently decided to get married. A local guy, you see. I guess I'm a regionalist, as I've said before.

John Wieners is my Dead Gay Poet Husband, 4-eva.

Today I went to Joy St, behind the Common, where he lived. It "looked out over the African Meeting House," which is now the Museum of African American History.

Next up: his grave. It's point eight miles from one of my old workplaces! Can you imagine? Beign so close but not ever knowing he was there to visit. I'll have to make up the time with as many visits to Milton as I can muster.

And I only discovered him this January. Why no one told me about him all this time, I don't know. Maybe they all just assumed I already knew? Anyway, no point in dwelling. Time to consume much.

I have such a strong affinity. I'm not sure which precipated the other: do I have an affinity becasue he's from the South Shore, like me? Or is he from the South Shore and so I have such an affinity? Regardless, his work clicks inside my brain and flowsinto my blood like no one else's