Festive Holiday Stuff To Do: Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA "Zoo Lights" for the Holidays (Thanksgiving to New Years)

trees lit up for the Stone Zoo 'Zoo Lights' Event in Stoneham MA, Dec 2016

"Zoo Lights" at the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachuetts

The Stone Zoo in Stoneham is open during the holidays for what is called "Zoo Lights," their evening time holiday lights exhibit at the zoo. Some of the animals are still around for you to say hi to as well.

Zoo Lights at Stone Zoo

What in the World: A Compilation of Holiday Kitsh

There's a little "holiday village" to see, too, but to be honest, it's a bit creepy. And by a bit I mean a lot. I didn't take any pictures because my camera died but you can just trust me that the Santa looked like a zombie and the dingy stuff animals seem to have been left out all year long, never washed or taken care of.

Don't Skip It Though - Go See the Animals

Still, the wolves are cool. It's very Outlander-like to be visiting wolves at night in winter. Also, the tropical birds and the sloth is great. The reindeer is very seasonal to view. And who doesn't love otter watching. So the rest is fun. 

flaimngo shaped lights for Stone Zoo's Zoo Lights

Sloth at the Stone Zoo
ssssllllooootthhhhhh - Sloth at the Stone Zoo

tropical bird at the Stone Zoo

tropical birds at the stone zoo - blue deathers

penguin pose cut outs at the stone zoo
Bridget Eileen with the older nephew posing in the Penguin Cut Outs

lynx at the stone zoo
big furry animals at night - lordy

reindeer at stone zoo
Reindeer at Stone Zoo