Behind the Scenes at Sam Adams

A Pictoral Post from Behind the Scenes at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain

This post is republished from 2009.

One of  my good friends from graduate school came to Boston before heading up to the summer residency Maine (the first one  didn't go to since graduating...sad...) Since he used to work at the Samuel Adams Brewery, and now works for the he Boston Beer Company sales department in CA, we hit up the brewery. It is just down the street from me in the neighboring neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. We had a great visit! Here, a pictoral blog:

barley from Sam Adams brewery
barley - where (part of) it all begins

casks, keg barrels at the Samuel Adams Brewery
Casks - keg barrels

giant kegs of beer at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain Boston Massachusetts
Thassa lotta beyah

my friend Tigh at the Sam Adams tap room telling about his first day as a tour guide
Tigh, telling the story of his first day at work

The decorative tap and tasting room at the Samuel Adam Brewery in BostonHanging out in the tap room

Bridget Eileen in brewery coveralls posing with a portrait of Jim Koch at the tap ans tasting room of the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MassachusettsMe, wearing Tigh's old cover alls,
 with owner and founder Jim Kock in the background

behind the bar at the the Sam Adams tap room in Stony Brook, JP, Boston
Tigh and Bridget hitting the taps

Bob and Dean from Sam Adams
After a tour and lots of tastings, I also got to meet Bob and Dean from the commercials.

Bob's head is rub-a-licious and Dean's eyes match the color of their Boston Lager.

We all went to Doyle's for lunch and I felt like I had entered this beloved  neighborhood haunt with an entourage of local royalty.

We were seated "at the best seat in the house" according to the older  gentleman who was delighted to have a big crew from the brewery, especially Bob and Dean, come to visit. He regaled us with tales of deciding to take Sam Adam's owne rnad founder Jim Koch's offer, and be the first place in the world to sell Sam Adams on tap.

It was super fun!