Bridget Jones on TV

Colin Firth looking super duper handsome as he does
By Nicogenin -, CC
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Movies on Television and Why We Watch Them

Why is it that, even if you own the movie on DVD or can strema it, you will sometimes stil stop and watch it when it's on TV if you've decided to flip n the telly (and haven't rid yourself of cable)?

I thought about this right now because Bridget Jones is on. I think they're airing it to get us jonesing (ha! pun not intended, but I'll happily take it) for more Colin Firth, so we go see "Momma Mia".

I keep repeating that line, "And I seriously think you should reconsider the length of your sideburns...but, you're a nice man." Plus, he likes her, just the way she is. Can't ask for more than that.

Mmm, side burns.

Mmm, Colin Firth.

Mmm, going back to movie.


I also realized I like the Bridget Jones movies because Colin Firth says my name a lot in them. And my roommate has pointed out that because it is a surprise, we stick around to watch the movie we obviously like enough to own when it comes on TV.