Pertinent Question: Is Grimace Black? - A Contemplation Prompted by the TV Show Pysch

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The Quirky Conversations of Psych: Is McDonald's Grimace Black?

I was watching Pysch tonight (whoo hoo exciting Saturday!) and Shawn and Gus were debating on the race of Grimace.

Grimace from McDonalds, as seen on Twitter
Grimace from McDonalds, as seen on Twitter

Gus insisted that Grimace was "a brother." Shawn said, "I'll give you Vin Diesel. But Grimace? No." 

Later in the episode, Gus declared that Grimace's name was "Grimace T. Jackson" thus proving he is black.

So fricken funny. I LOVE that show.

Research: So, What IS Grimace???

Every Young Child in the Presence of Grimace: OMFGGGG NOOOO

After this extensive research and through my own anecdotal experience, I have come to a conclusion on the race of McDonad's Grimace: I believe Grimace is not of any Earthly races. 

He is, in fact, from outerspace, sent here to scare the bejeebuzz out of as many small children as possible, preferably at McDonald's Birthday Parties. 

Case in point: one birthday party in my childhood, my brother was so terrified of Grimace, he held on to my mother's neck and squeezed to the point she almost choked. 

But you don't have to take my word for it alone. This phenomenon of Grimace terrifying children is so prevalent, its been canonized. In orther words: there's a meme for that

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