Hemp Seed, Banana, Apple, Frozen Kale, Raspberry Yogurt, Molasses Smoothie

I Love Making Smoothies: Here's a Hemp Seed Smoothie 

When I had a bit more time to make food at home during the holidays, I made a lot of smoothies with this free Hemp Seed Powder I got from the Coop. The smoothies were very yummy and a great way to get my fruits and veggies in. 

The Bear Brew is a pub in Orono, my alma mater. I got that pint glass on my last night in town as an undergraduate. 

I wanted to re-read the end of Thomas Reich's "Fiasco" which was about the war in Iraq, which is pictured in the background there. If you've never read it, I recommend. It's a good book. Unfortunately, at the end of that book written in 2006, he basically predicting that the civil war in Iraq after US troops pulled out would form an extremist group who made a caliphate. That is exactly what Daesh (ISIL/S) is. So he predicted their formation. I keep politics off my fun style and arts website, most of the time, but I am a new & political junkie, too.